'If I were just curious, it would be very hard to say to someone, "I want to come to your house and have you talk to me and tell me the story of your life." I mean people are going to say, "You're crazy." Plus they're going to keep mighty guarded. But the camera is a kind of license. A lot of people, they want to be paid that much attention and that's a reasonable kind of attention to be paid...' Diane Arbus

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

2012 - diary weeks


I am starting a new project.

a development of last year's portrait a week series, this project takes inspiration from the Mass Observation Archive.

I am asking people to write a diary for up to 1 week. The entries can take any form - long, short, factual, philosopical, fictional, it doesn't matter. I would like a minimum of 1 entry for the week, but it could be as many as one each day. The diary could be written, drawn, a photo diary, a collection of newspaper cuttings - anything! Then I would also like to take the diarist's portrait.

I do not need to know the diarist, so if you come across this and would like to be involved please get in touch via my blog www.akindoflicense.blogspot.com

I am willing to travel (if I can get to you!) if not, there could be another way of taking your portrait so please get in touch!

all the entries will be published here on my blog.

if you know someone who would like to be involved please put them in touch!

the first entry will appear soon

salford shopping city